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We Made the List!

Coming in at #16, Seuss made GardenAndGun.com‘s 50 Reasons We Love the South Now


In a town filled with over-the-top sights in the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, New Orleans’ Krewe de Seuss might just take the king cake. For the past three years, legions of furry-wigged Things have tricycled behind a float decked out like a fantastical horned instrument.

By way of explanation, founding member (and occasional G&G contributor) David Thier says, “It becomes nearly impossible to describe actions that seem perfectly reasonable and normal in New Orleans—without realizing you are describing the behavior of completely insane people.”

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“With my trusty Bootsy Lute in hand, you can be sure that I'll be cookin' up them tasty vittles!

— Chef Boom

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