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Green Eggs?

You can not get them from a goose. You can not get them from a moose. You can not get them on a caboose. You can not get them while drinking juice. Trying all of these things is just no use. They can only be got from Krewe de Seuss. If we like the joy in you… we may just let some loose.

Kickstarter Time!!

We come with our bright feathered hats in our fuzzy fur hands, To ask for donations from Krewe de Seuss fans. We know you’re not rich, but one dollar is better than nothing at all. Because a donation’s a donation. No matter how small. “You can’t do anything with a dollar in this day and age.” Is something that you’re probably likely to say. But a buck is sometimes all.

Let your inner child come out to play

Hello You, Are You the type of you who loves Krewe de Seuss? Watch whimsically from afar, yet yearn to contribute? We see the guile in your eyes and the looseness of your screws. Mardi Gras is coming, but there are too many krewes for you to choose. Rest up your worriers weary Mardi Gras wonderers, and instead take this advice. It is pecisely that conundrum in your head, that.

Seuss Strikes Back!

Attention all Yats in Hats and Dats Who say Who… I know where that Fox got his Sox at… do You? No time for that sort of Ruse in the Rues… It’s time yet once again for the Krewe de Seuss Number Two. It’s certain to be Seussier, and most definitely Twosier. The Seven Nozzled Bloozers will be at least Two Nozzles Bloozier. The SqueezeWoozers will be Squeezier for making.

A Poem by the Seven Nozzled Bloozer

Attention all Yats in Hats, and Dats who say Who… I know where that Fox got his Socks at… Do you? Your gumbo’s not all that, so throw your roux in the rue. We really must demand that it have Green Eggs and Ham in it! That goes for Yertle the Turtle Soup too! Our Boom Band has booms and blams and blasterful beats. Krewe de Seuss is taking it.