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Seuss Strikes Back!

Attention all Yats in Hats and Dats Who say Who… I know where that Fox got his Sox at… do You? No time for that sort of Ruse in the Rues… It’s time yet once again for the Krewe de Seuss Number Two. It’s certain to be Seussier, and most definitely Twosier. The Seven Nozzled Bloozers will be at least Two Nozzles Bloozier. The SqueezeWoozers will be Squeezier for making.

Seuss Wants You

Krewe de Seuss wants you! We are currently looking for creative costumers and adventurous musicians for the 2014 version of the Krewe de Seuss Marching Krewe and Boom Band. If you think you got the Greens Eggs and Ham to be part of this crazy scene, send us a message…

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