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Thank you for the donation!!!

Words alone cannot describe how thankful we are, but we’ll try anyways… Here’s a poem for you. 🙂

Krewe de Seuss & The Seven Nozzled Bloozer

“Attention all Yats in Hats, and Dats who say Who…
I know where that Fox got his Socks at… Do you?
Your gumbo’s not all that, so throw your roux in the rue.
We really must demand that it have Green Eggs and Ham in it!
That goes for Yertle the Turtle Soup too!

Our Boom Band has booms and blams and blasterful beats.
Krewe de Seuss is taking it to the Vieux Carre Streets!
There’s a Foona Lagoona Baboona with a SqeezeWoozer.
Two types of Saxamazoos, and a Seven Nozzled Bloozer!!!!!!!
And a Double Brake Bass for low frequency musings.
Harmonihorns and Loraxiphones made from the finest of tubings.
There’s duck powered horns that make elephant squeals.
Have you ever seen a TwoManTublamaphone with Six Wheels?!?!?

There’s still time to sign up! The deadline hasn’t past!!!
Rise to your feet, and stop dragging your ass!
Get loose like a goose gaggle, and waggle your caboose
And sign up today to roll with the Krewe de Seuss….”

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