Seuss Strikes Back!

Attention all Yats in Hats and Dats Who say Who…

I know where that Fox got his Sox at… do You?

No time for that sort of Ruse in the Rues…

It’s time yet once again for the Krewe de Seuss Number Two.
It’s certain to be Seussier, and most definitely Twosier.
The Seven Nozzled Bloozers will be at least Two Nozzles Bloozier.
The SqueezeWoozers will be Squeezier for making Woozing Easier.
Even the Vieaux Carre that night is sure to be more Boozier and Sleazier.

Come witness the wild wondrous interactions
…of the most Magnificent Musical Contraptions.
Guaranteed to elicit to most explicit of Reactions
From the Faces of the Shameless French Quarter Factions.

This interconnected combination of Polyphonic Permutations,
And uncanny Incantations of SonicallyCreated Creations,
It is certainly sure to be the most surreal of situations
That ever did exist outside of your amazing Imaginations.

So what say you, good Citizen? Does this sound like your style?
Do you play the Saxamazoo? Care to give it a trial?
Perhaps to play a Two-Man-Tublamophone with your own Inner Child?
What you lack in lessons, you can make up for in Guile.

So tell us…

Do you have the Green Eggs and Ham for it?
To play a musical instrument that does not exist yet?

To dance in the streets, and wear furry shoes?

Krewe de Seuss Two likes to think that you do…

“With my trusty Bootsy Lute in hand, you can be sure that I'll be cookin' up them tasty vittles!

— Chef Boom

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