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Krewe De Seuss is always looking for new members! However, before we all get ahead of ourselves please review the following.

Mardi Gras 2023!

  • As of Mardi Gras 2022, Krewe de Seuss will officially begin its metamorphosis into something new; Kreweleidoscope. Much of what we have already created will remain and become the backbone aesthetic for our new krewe. The combined 10 year effort of building Seuss contraptions and costumes will serve as a launching-off point to create something NEW going forward. Kreweleidoscope is a wondrous future imagined by children that never actually came to be, witnessed through the lens of a kaleidoscope.
  • For general themes & inspiration please use the following as a guideline:
    • Bright/Colorful
    • Luminescent
    • Whimsical/Fun
    • Motion/Movement/Turning
    • Mirrors
    • Contraptions
    • RetroFuturist/Steampunk (but colorful)
    • Psychedelic
    • Surrealist
    • Circus/Carnival
    • Seussian
    • Tim Burtonesque
    • Mad Scientist
    • Dreams
    • Whatever YOU can dream up. (Bring something totally new to Mardi Gras!)


  • You will be responsible for creating and funding your own costume. But don’t let this be a daunting thing. We have a handful of super helpful krewe members that will gladly help you create your vision very affordably. It’s amazing what can be made with duct tape, cardboard, and furry fuzzy scraps!
  • Every member will be expected to participate with the krewe in some capacity, outside of Mardi Gras. This might include creating our signature throws, crafting new instruments, helping out with our floats/contraptions, etc. We will have several “workshop” sessions between now and the parade – be sure to get in the mix!

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