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Harmazulatron Players?

Looking for local harmazulatron players…

What’s that? You don’t know how to play a harmazulatron? I know. I’m the only person who does know how to play a harmazulatron, and when I teach you, there will be two of us, and with 30min of practice, you will be better than me. At that point, you will be the finest harmazulatronist to have ever harmazulatronned.

You will literally be the Jimi-fucking-Hendrix of harmazulatron players. People will brag to their grandkids that they saw you on the streets. I can’t stress enough how little experience you need. We have lots of other crazy instruments, that have crazy names, that need crazy people to play in crazy ways.

Don’t let the fun pass you by. Sign up today.

“With my trusty Bootsy Lute in hand, you can be sure that I'll be cookin' up them tasty vittles!

— Chef Boom

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