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Deliciously Disrespectful



Krewe de Seuss gets a mention in this write up of the parades…

“Speaking of Krewe Delusion: In the past I’ve dismissed the small parade as a bit too unfocused. But this year, I completely dug it. If du Vieux is expressionism, then Delusion is surrealism. The caged Statue of Liberty float, the giant pineapple tropical cocktail float, the golden hipster egg, the Dr. Seuss band and the school of giant bobbing jellyfish all added to the dreamily chaotic atmosphere of the procession.

It’s as if Krewe du Vieux predicts the coming of anarchy and Krewe Delusion demonstrates that anarchy might not be all that bad.”

Read the full article on nola.com.

“With my trusty Bootsy Lute in hand, you can be sure that I'll be cookin' up them tasty vittles!

— Chef Boom

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