Membership Now Open!!

Hey ya’ll, Krewe De Seuss Membership is open, and you should join us! We roll in the #krewedelusion parade, Saturday, 2/16/2019. Also, note that krewedelusion dues increase on 12/10/18… so now is the time to act! More info on our Facebook post here.

New Season, New Projects!!!

We are very excited to start this new season, and we have our best engineers working on exciting new projects… Keep in the loop with us to find out more about even more new surprises! Or even better, JOIN THE KREWE!!!!!!

Return of the Seuss

Want to roll with Krewe de Seuss in Krewe Delusion 2016? We’d love to have you! Seuss dues and Delusion dues are required, but the sooner you sign up the more you save! Join Up today!

Green Eggs?

You can not get them from a goose. You can not get them from a moose. You can not get them on a caboose. You can not get them while drinking juice. Trying all of these things is just no use. They can only be got from Krewe de Seuss. If we like the joy in you… we may just let some loose.

Krewe De Seuss 1st Annual Ball

Thanks for coming out everybody, and thank you the support on Kickstarter! Our first annual ball was a blast!

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