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Membership Update 2014

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: This sunday (Jan 5th) is the krewedelusion membership drive at R Bar from 6-8pm. That will be the last chance to join Krewe de Seuss at the $50 membership rate. Go check it out or sign up now at krewedelusion.org. Make sure to enter “Seuss” or “Krewe de Seuss” (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) as the innerkrewe.

Are You Ready for Seuss?

Attention Seussians, Seuss Sympathizers, and budding Seuss Enthusiasts… We are looking for things that make noise, have wheels, spin, are fuzzy, and/or you would like to see re-purposed as a fantastical joy-powered contraption, an intrinsically whimsical instrument, or a colorfully plumed costume. Old musical instruments, toys, bikes, carts, stuffed animals, party favors, duck calls, car audio or home stereo components, pots & pans, hose, funnels, tubes, pipes, lights, kazoos, pool.

Seuss Strikes Back!

Attention all Yats in Hats and Dats Who say Who… I know where that Fox got his Sox at… do You? No time for that sort of Ruse in the Rues… It’s time yet once again for the Krewe de Seuss Number Two. It’s certain to be Seussier, and most definitely Twosier. The Seven Nozzled Bloozers will be at least Two Nozzles Bloozier. The SqueezeWoozers will be Squeezier for making.

Seuss Halloween?

A small band of Seussians will be gearin’ up for Halloween, featuring some brand new instruments not yet seen nor heard by the Streets. Keep your eardrums limber and your eyeballs a-swivle, whilst the Krewe de Seuss do the Do.

Krewe de Seuss Visits Local Dr. Seuss Gallery

Krewe de Seuss at the opening of the Dr. Seuss Gallery in the Quarter!

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