Seuss Halloween?

A small band of Seussians will be gearin’ up for Halloween, featuring some brand new instruments not yet seen nor heard by the Streets. Keep your eardrums limber and your eyeballs a-swivle, whilst the Krewe de Seuss do the Do.

Krewe de Seuss Visits Local Dr. Seuss Gallery

Krewe de Seuss at the opening of the Dr. Seuss Gallery in the Quarter!

Seuss Wants You

Krewe de Seuss wants you! We are currently looking for creative costumers and adventurous musicians for the 2014 version of the Krewe de Seuss Marching Krewe and Boom Band. If you think you got the Greens Eggs and Ham to be part of this crazy scene, send us a message…

Seuss Representing on Bloomberg?

It’s nice that our very own Seven Nozzled Bloozer was chosen as the face of New Orleans in this article on the “The Top 12 American Boomtowns”. We feel the same way Bloomberg. 😀 Immodesty aside, this interesting article puts a number to the boom we’ve all witnessed since Katrina. Apparently, between 2007 and 2011, the big easy population grew by about 16%! Read the full Bloomberg article here.

Frenchmen Street Revelers

“…About a dozen New Orleans residents dubbed themselves the Krewe de Seuss and marched with a wheeled contraption outfitted in fantastical purple and gold horns and drums formed of PVC pipe. Nate Garnache of New Orleans, dressed as Fox in Sox and playing a “seven-nozzled blueser,” said the krewe members, which he described as “hobbyist musicians,” had been thinking about building instruments from scratch and thought the Dr. Seuss aesthetic.

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