The Grinch Noise Police!

The 1st ever Krewe de Seuss Boom Band Rehearsal was shut down by the cops. That makes us officially the most notoriously infamous Dr. Seuss based noise factory to ever get Grinched out by the neighbors. Come see us on Saturday. They’re gonna need the SWAT team to silence our alliance…

Sophisticated Chaos – Band Rehearsal

Krewe de Seuss Boom Band Rehearsal this Thursday at 6:00pm. Because ours is a sophisticated chaos. Be there or B flat…

Harmazulatron Players?

Looking for local harmazulatron players… What’s that? You don’t know how to play a harmazulatron? I know. I’m the only person who does know how to play a harmazulatron, and when I teach you, there will be two of us, and with 30min of practice, you will be better than me. At that point, you will be the finest harmazulatronist to have ever harmazulatronned. You will literally be the Jimi-fucking-Hendrix.

Custom Throws for 2014

Working on the best throws on town!!! U wanna help???

Kickoff Meeting 2014

Krewe de Seuss will be having a 2014 kickoff meeting this thursday at 8:00pm. Whether you are a veteran Seussian or just a little Seuss-curious, come on by and learn what’s the What. We’ll be talking costumes, and throws, and instruments, and themes. Come get you some. There is still time to sign up for the 2014 parade, if you haven’t done so already. See you there…

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