Let your inner child come out to play

Hello You, Are You the type of you who loves Krewe de Seuss? Watch whimsically from afar, yet yearn to contribute? We see the guile in your eyes and the looseness of your screws. Mardi Gras is coming, but there are too many krewes for you to choose. Rest up your worriers weary Mardi Gras wonderers, and instead take this advice. It is pecisely that conundrum in your head, that.

Krewedelusion Membership Drive 2015

Krewe Delusion Membership drive today at 6 at Spitfire!!! Come, have some drinks with us, see our costumes, constructions, instruments, meet the other innerkrewes, and pay your dues before they raise the price… If you’re not coming remember to do it online before Nov 1st!!!!!! Event details here.

Soggy Fun in the Marigny!

How the Krewe de Seuss do Tuesday… Check out these Huffington Post articles, here and here.

Incoming Photo Bomb!

Read the full article at latonola.wordpress.com.     And more photos at catlandrum.wordpress.com!

Deliciously Disrespectful

Krewe de Seuss gets a mention in this write up of the parades… “Speaking of Krewe Delusion: In the past I’ve dismissed the small parade as a bit too unfocused. But this year, I completely dug it. If du Vieux is expressionism, then Delusion is surrealism. The caged Statue of Liberty float, the giant pineapple tropical cocktail float, the golden hipster egg, the Dr. Seuss band and the school of.

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