We Made the List!

Coming in at #16, Seuss made GardenAndGun.com‘s 50 Reasons We Love the South Now “THERE’S A MARDI GRAS KREWE DEDICATED TO DR. SEUSS In a town filled with over-the-top sights in the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, New Orleans’ Krewe de Seuss might just take the king cake. For the past three years, legions of furry-wigged Things have tricycled behind a float decked out like a fantastical horned instrument..

Green Eggs?

You can not get them from a goose. You can not get them from a moose. You can not get them on a caboose. You can not get them while drinking juice. Trying all of these things is just no use. They can only be got from Krewe de Seuss. If we like the joy in you… we may just let some loose.

Krewe De Seuss 1st Annual Ball

Thanks for coming out everybody, and thank you the support on Kickstarter! Our first annual ball was a blast!

Kickstarter Success!

Our Kickstarter was a success!!! We are just floored over here. Not only did we meet our goal, we exceeded it by a few hundred dollars! Thank you all, so SO MUCH! We will be contacting all backers to gather the details we need to fulfill your Rewards – so be on the lookout for that communication. Meanwhile, we’ll resume our Krewe de Seuss work in the Seuss Works warehouse,.

Act Now While Supplies Last!

Only 3 days and $650 to go. Please take a look and consider backing our Kickstarter. A donation is a donation, no matter how small! Join our KickStarter campaign here!

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